Guest Blog – Organizing the Mudroom

Guest Blogger: Darla DeMorrow, Certified Professional Organizer ®.


The mudroom might be the hardest working room in the house, even though you spend the least amount of time in it. Keeping a mudroom organized is a family affair, but usually one person will lead the charge, and usually her name is Mom.

A mudroom usually works best when it has three specific features:

· A designated space for each person

· Hooks

· Storage bins or drawers

If your mudroom doesn’t have these features built in, you can easily add hooks to the walls, and add storage with benches, cubbies, and baskets.

After setting up a mudroom for the whole family, keeping a mudroom organized only takes a few minutes each day. Each person will ideally be able to hang their own coat, put away shoes, and store bags of gear without having to climb over other things or get help.

If your mudroom has additional space, it’s a blessing to have space for other household items, but they also need a bit more organization. To keep things tidy for everyone, take these steps:

  • Label cubbies so people know where to find important things stored here, like batteries and light bulbs.
  • Clear out seasonal items each season.
  • Assign a place for shoes.
  • Create collection spots (like these pretty bins below) for items for specific family members, so they can go through them occasionally.
  • Keep tote bags, paper bags, gift bags, and shopping bags to a minimum. Like hangers, they reproduce when we’re not looking, and become a big part of the clutter problem.

It should only take a few minutes each week, and perhaps a few more minutes each season, to keep a family mudroom in good working order.

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Featured Product – Tilt Out Sorter

If you hate looking at those piles of dirty laundry, or those unsightly clothes hampers that are simply all too obvious, you need the Tilt Out Sorter.

This sleek laundry holder/sorter provides a great alternative to traditional laundry baskets and hampers. When closed, this unit appears to be nothing more than a simple white cabinet. However, when the front of the unit is tilted forward, it reveals two separate compartments that allow for sorting dirty laundry as it is tossed in. Once you are done putting the laundry in, just tilt the front of the unit back in, and no one will know what is behind the beautiful white exterior.

The Tilt Out Sorter measures 30” by 15” by 28 ¾”, and each compartment holds four loads of laundry. The inner compartments are made of fully washable fabric, which means you can simply toss them in the washer with the laundry if they are soiled.

The outer portion of the sorter is made of white wood, which means that it will match perfectly no matter what the décor. The entire unit is sturdy, yet easy to maneuver whenever you wish to relocate it. Some assembly is required before the unit can be used.

This sorter is the perfect option for those who want to keep their laundry hidden. College students will love the convenience of this sorter, as it will also provide them with a little extra storage space if they use the top like a shelf. Apartment dwellers will also appreciate the convenience of keeping soiled laundry out of site until they can get to the laundry facility.

No matter what your needs, the Tilt Out Sorter is the perfect solution to making sure that rooms stay tidy, even if laundry day is still several days away.


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What Are Some Washer and Dryer Accessories That Make Laundry Day Easier?
Posted Under Advice and Tips

No one likes doing laundry, but the chore can be easier if you have handy accessories in your laundry room. You’ll want proper lighting and some counter space, regardless of which level of your home the laundry room is located.

Counter space is one of the first concerns in remodeling a laundry area. Washers that load from the front free up some space on top of the machines, so you could install a counter in that location. Be sure to allow the machines to move a little without hitting the counter – they tend to do that, according to Brace the counter with wood blocks, too. Don’t rest them on the machines.

On pleasant, warmer days, don’t you love the smell of clothes that are dried outside? Consider installing an umbrella-look dryer in your yard. It’s easy to fold and unfold to put away when you’re done. Air dryers can save you a lot on your utility bills, too.

Folding ironing boards are very handy to use in your laundry room. You never know when you’ll need to give clothing a once-over with the iron before you put it on. Noise is also an issue if the laundry room is located near the living spaces of your house. Install insulation in the walls around the washer and dryer, so that the noise doesn’t reverberate all over the house.

A rolling caddy can be used regardless of the location of your washer and dryer. It holds your cleaning supplies between the machines or between a cabinet and the fridge in your kitchen, if the rooms are close together.

Newer washers add smaller water bursts periodically during the cycles, and this can be annoying if it rattles the pipes. If it’s a noise that is loud enough to hear elsewhere in the house, call a plumber before your washer hose bursts.


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