Protect Your Outdoor Furniture with Deck Furniture Covers

When the days get cooler and shorter, you’ll start thinking, reluctantly, that it’s nearly time to cover your deck furniture for the fall and winter months. Deck furniture covers protect your favorite outdoor furniture from the elements when you’re not using it, so that it’ll be ready to use next spring and summer.

Even if you have weather resistant furniture that won’t be damaged by snow and ice, you can still help it to last longer by using covers. Don’t confuse these with slip covers, which simply keep dust off your outdoor furniture. These are quality-made covers that will protect your furniture from the rigors of winter weather.

You can purchase furniture covers, umbrella and grill covers to keep your summer deck furnishings and grill safe for the bitter cold months of winter. Proper covers should be durable and lightweight, according to Back Yard City.

Handy deck furniture covers are some of the most popular on the market. Heavy duty materials provide excellent resistance to ice, wind and snow, and the covers that have cloth backing keep a smooth surface next to your patio furniture. There are many styles and sizes from which to make your choice, from covers for individual pieces to the same types of covers for all your outdoor furniture.

Heavier protective covers for your deck furniture may be made from vinyl or waterproof materials that are resilient and light in weight. The toughest materials have been tested in bitter cold temperatures and against all types of wintery precipitation.

The best deck furniture covers cost a bit more than thinner types that are not as durable. It’s worth a few extra dollars to get covers you know will protect your furniture with the best materials. These will also last longer than less expensive types, and that makes them a practical choice for your dollar.


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What Are Some Tips for Dorm Room Storage for Tiny Rooms
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When you’re headed to college and a life with more independence, your living quarters may be a lot smaller and sparser than you are accustomed to. Colleges generally don’t have the best dwelling places, especially if you’re an underclassman.

This is the reality check of college life. You’ll be stuck in a dorm with one or more other students, with very little room. Organization is key to using your little bit of space most effectively, states How Stuff Works.

Dorm rooms don’t look as small when they are empty. That’s because you and your roommate haven’t moved in your beds, mini-fridges or desks, yet. But you can transform the little space into an area that looks larger, especially if you’re a minimalist.

Your dorm room can be a cozy cave if you and your roommate make the best use of the limited space that’s available. You’ll find some storage built-in, like closets and drawers for clothes, but you’ll need other items if you want to make the room work well for two or more people.

Creative storage may include a double-rod closet, if you don’t see enough room in your cubby-hole closet for all your hanging clothes. These are roomy and space saving and you can set them up in just a few minutes. There are tiers of shelves and hanging rods, so that everything has a place. That’s the key to utilizing limited space.

You’ll need to understand something about organization if you’re truly to make that tiny room into a comfortable sleep, work and eating area for two or more people. Your space should be efficient, and still give you room for enjoyment and relaxation. When you take the time to properly organize your space, you can devote more time every day to studying, eating and, thankfully, sleeping.


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What Are Three College Organization Essentials?

As you prepare your baby for life in a college dorm, it seems like there are thousands of things that he or she absolutely needs. While this may be true, it is also important that you remember organizational essentials as well – dorm rooms are tiny, and your son or daughter will need everything they can find to add some much needed space.

1. Storage bins. Choose a variety of sizes, and make sure to include some that will fit under the bed to maximize space. Do not forget to include bathroom caddies and makeup containers as well – these are especially important for kids who are staying in residence halls. They will be able to keep track of their toiletries and other items, and it provides a convenient way of carrying everything to and from the shower. Just make sure that the shower caddies you choose have plenty of drainage holes to prevent mold and mildew.

2. Bed risers. These nifty little gadgets will raise the height of your student’s bed, allowing them to free up additional space for storage. Then, you can buy a few totes and bins that are designed to fit under the bed, yet still be convenient to get needed items quickly and easily.

3. Multi-functional trunks. Trunks are a great way to maximize space, hide some of the clutter in the dorm room, and provide additional seating for when dorm friends want to hang out. There are numerous kinds available, including collapsible trunks that make it much easier to store and transport when it is not being used.

College dorms are notoriously tiny, so your child needs to have the best means of keeping all of their essentials organized and clutter free. These storage ideas will allow for maximization of all available space.


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