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Jewelry Storage, Part 1: Protect Your Necklaces From Damage

A few years ago, I reached for a favorite anniversary gift to wear to dinner: a lovely diamond pendant on a very delicate gold chain. My dismayed “Oh No!” brought my husband running, and I felt awful when I confessed that my messy jewelry box had resulted in two ugly ...

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My Shoe Problem: SOLVED!

This post is about something particularly near and dear to my heart. Shoes! I’m almost embarrassed to confess that I have over 50 pairs, and that I rarely follow the rule I set for my kids about toys: you can only get a new one if you donate an old ...

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Five Steps to Perfect Kitchen Organization

I’m a busy person, and I expect you are too. When I get home, it’s hard to get excited about making dinner for the family if the kitchen is in shambles and all my goods and gear aren’t organized, even though I really do love to cook.

I finally feel like ...

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Welcome to the GetOrganized Blog!
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Thanks for stopping by — let me introduce myself.

My name is Megan, and I’m one of the merchants here at Get Organized. My team and I work hard to bring you smart and affordable solutions for your home and office organizational needs.

We started this blog (along with our Facebook Fan ...

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