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Less Rattle, More Mileage When the Car Trunk is Organized
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I spent the last week driving very, very carefully. No, it wasn’t particularly icy winter weather here. In my trunk, actually just the way-back part of my station wagon, I was harboring a noise-maker: a wire bin with wheels on it that I hadn’t yet returned to the store.

noisy trunk

All the ...

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Create a Yard Sale Game Plan
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The month of March is exciting for all sorts of reasons! For sports fans it is all about March Madness, and for fans of warm weather it is about the first day of spring. However, for fans of organization like me, a Professional Organizer, it is the start of yard ...

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10 Ways to go Paperless
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Going paperless is pretty much a pipe dream at this point, but we can all take one or two free or easy steps to have less unwanted paper in our lives. The less that comes in, the less you have to organize. Take five minutes to act on one of ...

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