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Out With the Old, In With the New: Closet Organization
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The seasons have changed over here on the East coast, which means most of us have gone through our summer wardrobe and stored it away. With this comes a whole lot of sorting and reorganizing your closet and drawer space for your fall and winter wardrobe. For most of us, ...

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I Stink At Sorting: An Organizing Lament
Posted Under Room Organization

If organizing is one of those God-given talents that wasn’t given to you, maybe you’ll admit, “I stink at sorting.”

I suspect I was one of those kids who just loved sorting. I remember getting packs of pencils with my name engraved on them and lining them up in a ...

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Wallet Wars: What to Keep in Your Wallet
Posted Under Purse Organization

What should be in your wallet?

I used to use my wallet as a mini financial (and life!) filing system. All of my credit cards, a stack of gift cards, and ID were jammed into one side and a month’s worth of receipts were stuffed into another side—with the intent ...

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Find the Colors of the Rainbow…In Your Purse! Organizing With Color
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Some of the best and clearest ways to organize the things in your life are by color, which also can make it more fun. Many of us ladies love to carry around our large designer purses with everything we need all in one place. We like to think it adds ...

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Cute Purse, But Can You Find Keys In There? Purse Organizer Secrets
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We have all; yes all of us, stood at a locked door fumbling for keys, digging in our purse or bag. But you can minimize the chances that this will happen to you and take these steps to organize your purse:

1. Downsize

Bigger bags mean the bottom is farther away ...

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Innovative Organizing
Posted Under Blogging Fun

Generally, there are more uses than one for many products in our home, but we seem to overlook the simplicity of it. All it takes is some thinking outside of the box. For those of you who like to recreate and reinvent new ways to perform a task or use ...

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Report from the Organizer’s Conference 2012
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There are two kinds of people in this world. The first will say, “There is a conference where people spend days at a time learning how to help me organize??? Good grief.” The second type of person will say, “Can I come, pretty please???”

Every year, the National Association of Professional ...

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