5 Ways to Make a Label and Organize
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People think that all professional organizers must have a portable label machine attached to them. I’ll tell you a secret. I don’t actually like to use my label machine. Truth is, it takes a lot of time to set up a label machine just to make a label or two. They also take time to learn how to use. At least once a month, I’ll find a new or never-used labeler at a client site. They’ve never learned how to use theirs either.

But I do love to make labels. That’s a fact. Here are some of my favorite tools, and you don’t have to go anywhere near an electrical outlet to create these tags.

1. I absolutely love simple hang tags. You can get basic kraft tags with string at any office supply store. They work especially well when labeling wire shelving and wicker baskets. A Sharpie pen works great for visibility.

2. For something a bit more fancy, decorative tags like those you can find in a craft store make great labels. They often come in packs or pads, and can either be taped or tied to your target. I like to use my purple sparkle pen for the writing.

3. Post-It Notes from 3M are my hands-down favorite for making labels quickly. They are great for keeping me organized during a project, but sometimes they can be the tags at the end of the project, too. Give me a pad of Super Sticky Post-It Notes and a blue Sharpie, and I’m good to go.

4. I am a sucker for any little box that has library-style window-label hardware. You find these all the time on photo boxes and craft boxes. When I see these on old apothecary or post office drawers, I nearly swoon for the chance to make labels with pretty fonts. An example is this four drawer storage bin.

5. Blackboard paint from Rustoleum is my new best friend. I recently scored the rest of a can from another Freecycler, and I am excited to get to use it. I’m going to paint the wood shelves in my garage and label each storage bay. But I’ve also used chalkboard adhesive paper in the past. So cute and easy! Chalk is so messy to work with, but I’ve fallen in love with chalk markers, like those used in cafes and bistros. Crisp messages without the mess.

There are tons of other cute label ideas out there, many using natural materials.

What are your favorite ways to label your stuff?

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