An Organized Gift List Makes for Happy Shopping
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I have no idea how people do it, but to get ALL of your Christmas shopping done on Black Friday is beyond me. I guess I say that because I for one have never exactly emphasized the biggest shopping day of the year like my mom does. I just tag along for the ride each year with her. So if you could take a guess, then yes you are right if you are assuming that I did not get all of my Christmas shopping done last week, granted I did get some amazing deals on some gifts I’ll be giving this year. I did have my gift list completed prior to Black Friday which helped out for sure. It is pretty organized and has definitely made this year’s Christmas shopping less stressful for me already.

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Here is a summary of how I organized it, and what types of gifts are on the list. Some are specific and some are a broad category. This year I decided to give gifts that are helpful and have good use:

For the Ladies: jewelry organizers, cosmetic organizers, purse organizers

For the Traveler: tie case, mesh travel bags, car organizer, garment bag, duffle bag

For the Kids: toy bins, bath bucket gift set, banks, jewelry armoire, jewelry box

For Co-Workers: desktop organizers, bill organizers, address books, an office set

For the Chef: As Seen on TV Kitchen products, an apron, kitchen organizers, bakeware, food storage containers, OrGREENic cookware

For the Sports Fan and Outdoorsmen: camping accessories, a golf organizer, NFL Armchair Caddy, Bag Toss for tailgates, cap organizer

I also list the names of each friend and family member under the appropriate category I feel they belong in with the type of gift next to their name. The next trick is to keep your gift list in your purse with you so you have it at all times. By having your gift list with you, you can refer to it frequently which results in those gift ideas to be on your mind. I usually refer to my gift list 2-4 times a day, for instance when I am eating lunch or walking to my car. That way you’re more likely to remember, “I can get that gift for Mark here” next time you’re at a certain store in the mall. Believe it or not, this has been working for me and I shop with less panic thanks to my good memory. It’s not too late to recreate your gift list and give this method a try. Happy shopping, organizers!

What does your gift list look like? How do you keep yours organized?

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