Avoid a Tangled Mess with These Jewelry Organizers
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The average woman’s love affair with jewelry often begins when she gets her ears pierced and receives her first pair of earrings. In America, most girls have this simple, nearly painless procedure performed when they are only eight years old. As a result, they generally start collecting jewelry quite early. Birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions all become an excuse for parents to give their little girls something pretty they can wear.

After earrings, girls might receive slightly more grownup articles of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and pendants. By the time they reach their teenage years, most girls can no longer store their growing collections in drawers or small boxes without worrying that they may damaged or misplaced. In this article we will discuss different types of jewelry organizers that can be used to keep collections of any size safe and organized.

Jewelry Boxes

The first organizer most young girls receive is a standard jewelry box. Available in a variety of styles and designs, these small containers can be placed atop a bedroom dresser or table to provide easy access to accessories. Because their collections are typically quite small, these boxes do not offer a lot storage space. window lid jewelry box redMost open with a lid and feature a few small, felt-lined compartments for earrings, rings, and smaller articles of jewelry. Some of the larger jewelry boxes have extra drawers, trays, and compartments that can accommodate necklaces, bracelets, and pendants. Although they resemble them, keepsake boxes are actually not jewelry boxes. Rather, they are small decorative containers that are used to store objects of sentimental value, such as trinkets and charms. On the other end of the size spectrum is the jewelry chest, which is a large box that generally has a hinged lid that supports several trays and drawers. The lid may also have a stationary or adjustable mirror.

Jewelry Armoire

By a time a woman reaches adulthood, she may receive several pieces of jewelry each year from her husband or boyfriend. Birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays, and Valentine’s are all occasions when her collection might grow. over door mirror armoire Most jewelry lovers also buy bijouterie for themselves. As a result, the average women may run out of space in her jewelry box or even chest and may need to upgrade to a larger model. A jewelry armoire is an actual piece of furniture that may be small enough to sit atop a dresser, but often has to be placed on the floor. Some are over three feet tall and can be used to organize collections of almost any size. Most feature several storage drawers designed for different types of jewelry, as well as cabinets with hooks for hanging bracelets and necklaces. They often contain top lift mirrors and are made of the finest materials. Many of the deluxe versions we reviewed are virtually indistinguishable from an actual piece of furniture and feature rich cherry or mahogany wood finishes.

Wall Jewelry Boxes

For the woman who enjoys dressing up and wearing jewelry out on the town, a wall jewelry box is the perfect storage device. wall jewelry boxNot only does it reduce clutter on dresser tops and the floor, it also provides enough room for a large collection. And because wall boxes include large mirrors on their doors, owners can check their appearance as they accessorize. Storage hooks for necklaces and brackets are attached to the cabinet door and the shelves feature compartments for smaller articles.

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