Before & After – Under the Sink Clutter
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Local Professional Organizer Crystal Sabalaske recently used a product from Get Organized and kindly shared some pictures with us. Here are the Before and After pictures:

This is what she had to say about the Expandable Under the Sink Shelf.

” Offers a lot of versatility because the mesh panels can be moved anywhere – with space in between the panels or grouped together for larger items.

In general, the assembly was easy. Had a little difficulty in this particular cabinet because there was a pipe directly behind the garbage disposal that made it difficult to assemble the product within the cabinet (which is what you are supposed to do for the final step).

Because of the pipe placement, the shelf was placed toward the front of the cabinet, so there is actually additional storage space behind the shelf for items that are not needed regularly (extra dishwasher parts, oven cleaner). Product expands to fit width of shelf easily but would be best suited in a cabinet that does not have a divider panel (vertical piece of wood) between the two cabinet doors (The picture on the box shows a cabinet without a panel). The shelves can be placed at 3 levels.

Again, due to the pipes in this cabinet, we didn’t have many options and all panels are on the bottom 2 levels only. Extra mesh panels can be ordered through the manufacturer. Overall, the product allows for easier access to cleaning items but would probably work better under a sink that doesn’t have as many pipes – probably better suited for a bathroom sink. ”

Crystal Sabalaske
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

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  1. Christina Fratangelo says:

    This post is very helpful. I’ve been considering this product, but wasn’t certain it would work in the cabinet I need it for. Now I can see that it will be a little challenging, but can be done. Thanks!

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