Best Hangers for Your Closet Makeover
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Every closet has them. Hangers are workhorses in every household. But did you know you have options? The hangers have a big impact on how to organize a closet.

Wire Hangers in Closets
It seems most of us start out with wire hangers. They are cheap and low maintenance. But they aren’t very nice to your clothes, and the hangers tangle together easily. And they breed in a closet, to make tangly wire hangers.

Plastic Hangers in Closets
Plastic hangers (aka tubular hangers) are a bit of an upgrade, but they can also leave “shoulder boobs” at the ends, and cheaper ones can cause snags.

Wood Hangers in Closets
Men’s suits have long been pampered with substantial wood or plastic hangers that keep shoulders shapely.

Padded Hangers in Closets
Women have their own special hangers, usually padded and satin covered, sometimes even scented. However, these can eat up a lot of space in a closet, and they can be real dust catchers.

Surprisingly, there are a number of hanger innovations and designs, although not all of them are practical or affordable for every closet.

Velvet Hangers in Closets
One of the best innovations in recent years has been flocked hangers, also called velvet or soft hangers. These treat clothes nicely, minimize snags, and are available in many colors. They seem to be generally well made, and can accommodate everything from camisoles to skirts.

Whatever type of hangers you choose, it turns out that simply having one single type of hanger can minimize hanger tangles. An investment of around $100 on an entirely new batch of hangers can be one worthwhile upgrade in your closet and your life.

Have you upgraded your hangers?

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