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What Are Some Things You Should Do Every Spring for the Upkeep of Your House?

People set many tasks aside for spring. It gives them a chance to get outside or open the windows while working inside.

Outdoors, you will want to sweep your walkways and porches. Wash the thresholds at your doors, and wash the doors themselves. Wash your window screens. This is also ...

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Daylight Savings – Things to Do Twice a Year
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The physical act of setting clocks an hour ahead in the spring and an hour back in the fall can trigger your mind to remember some other things that are important for you to do twice a year.

Changing batteries in your smoke alarms is the first thing many people ...

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How Do You Accomplish Holiday Storage with Style?

You probably feel a justified sense of accomplishment when your holiday decorations are all up and your house looks like something on a greeting card. That feeling quickly fades when the holidays are over, and you’re faced with the task of storing all your holiday items safely away.

Your collection ...

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