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I leave the house all the time without putting on any of the beautiful jewelry that I have just because it’s too hard to pick it out or find it in the mess of a storage bin I use. I’ve come to the conclusion that getting a jewelry organizer is the best solution so that there really is no excuse anymore!

Another reason why I needed a jewelry organizer was the danger of the kitchen and bathroom drain. Just ask your plumber how many times he’s been called out to recover a wedding band from a drain trap. I suppose you can save yourself a headache and the plumber’s fee by keeping your rings stashed away while you go about your daily kitchen and bathroom rituals, but I’m rarely awake enough in the mornings to make that happen!

Here are a few jewelry organizers that can keep you out of trouble (by not losing that fabulous necklace your husband got you !!)

I absolutely love the Mele Francesca Cherry Finish Family Photo Jewelry Box . It displays a standard 5″ x 7″ photo with an engraving around the photo frame reading “Love Family Memories”. It also has a mirror under the lid, which is great for putting on jewelry, and it comes in a great shiny cherry wood finish. I love the fact that I can put my own picture in the lid of my friends or family. It adds a really great touch.

Another one of my favorites is the Mele Rio Faux Leather Top Jewelry Box. . It comes with a clear viewing lid that opens to three open sections and one set of ring rolls. Features a ten stone, crystal, flower-shaped snap closure and a sand fabric lining. What I love most about it is the size; it is only 7″ x 7″x 7″ which is perfect for those very important rings and necklaces that you need to take off while at the gym. You can just place them in the Jewelry Organizer, snap the lid, and go. It’s so small it can fit anywhere!

Lastly, for the little girl in your family who needs to keep her less expensive jewelry in a safe place, the Mele Louisa Girls Pink & White Jewelry Armoire is the perfect organizer for her. It features a scalloped lift lid mirror, a top compartment that includes ring rolls flanked by four open sections and dual necklace doors that house five hooks each and catch panels. There are four open drawers with white wooden pulls. The exterior door fronts feature vertical bead detailing and the front has a scalloped apron front and squared cabriole style legs. The interior of the jewelry armoire has a pink sueded fabric lining. You can also use the top ledge as a surface for pictures or accessories. She will love to show off her Jewelry Armoire to all of her girlfriends!!

Whichever Mele Jewelry Box you choose for your storage needs, at least you will know your keepsakes will be kept safe and secure from dust, dirt, and drains.

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