Cooking is a Breeze with Kitchen Organization

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, or just reorganizing it so that it’s easier to prepare meals, organizers can help to keep things in their place and out of the way. If you have appliances that don’t work, replace them or just get rid of them. There’s no sense in cluttering your kitchen with things that don’t even work, according to wikiHow.

Store things you use a lot within easy reach, so you can just grab them while you’re preparing dinner. The ultimate space-saver might be the Cabidor, which installs on any door with three hinges. The unit has two fixed shelves and six that are fully adjustable. There is plenty of room for everything you want close by, and it attaches easily and securely to your kitchen or pantry door.

Your kitchen probably includes lots of things you don’t need very often. Roasting pans that you only use in holiday seasons can be placed on high or very low shelves, so they’re not always in your way. You can even box up utensils, pans and the like that you don’t often use, and store them in a pantry or closet.

Creating activity areas in your kitchen allows you to keep things you need most often close to the area where you prepare meals. Your pantry will make an excellent place for the rest of the utensils that are just always in the way.

Keep your food preparation items together and near your work area. Mixing bowls, spoons, measuring cups, knives and a cutting board should all be kept in this area. Keep pots and pans, spatulas and potholders near the stove, since that’s where you’ll need them.

If you have space in a dining room hutch or sideboard, perhaps you could keep some of your serving tools in that area. This could include trivets, napkins, serving dishes and tableware. Keeping everything close to the area where it is needed will allow you to make fewer trips back and forth when you’re cooking or serving.


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