Cute Purse, But Can You Find Keys In There? Purse Organizer Secrets
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We have all; yes all of us, stood at a locked door fumbling for keys, digging in our purse or bag. But you can minimize the chances that this will happen to you and take these steps to organize your purse:

1. Downsize

Bigger bags mean the bottom is farther away from you, and you know how things always fall to the bottom.

2. Create a Purse in a Purse

Create “zones” in your purse with envelopes or pouches for different categories of items, like makeup, wallet, coupons, phone, snacks, kid stuff, and pen and paper. Ensure every item is in a “purse in a purse,” so there’s no digging through piles at the bottom. Small makeup bags with different designs can be used for more than makeup.

3. Color code to Really Organize your Purse

Eliminate the black. Assign each category a bag organizer of a different color so you can easily pick it out of a dark bag. Makeup, writing gear, electronics, snacks, kid toys, and more should each have its own pouch.

4. Assign a home.

Keys and cell phones are always wandering off. Get into the habit of putting them in the same place, every time you put them down. Perhaps your keys can always go in one particular pocket or even on a lanyard that attaches to your purse and retracts. The same with cell phones, which might need their own special interior pocket.

5. End the shuffle.

Shopper’s club cards and business cards can make a mess in your wallet. Contain them in an accordion window pack or a fan deck made especially for purse organizing. If there isn’t room in your wallet, perhaps a separate, flat wallet will help keep shoppers cards contained and organized.

When I was shopping for my last diaper bag, I met a woman with two toddlers on her arm who was desperately shopping for a new, larger bag. The one she already had could have doubled as a sling for her baby. I couldn’t fathom how she could carry something much larger. I’m sure she figured out a solution. I’m sure it involved frequent trips to her chiropractor.

What item is on your purse organizer wish list??

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