Daylight Savings – Things to Do Twice a Year
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The physical act of setting clocks an hour ahead in the spring and an hour back in the fall can trigger your mind to remember some other things that are important for you to do twice a year.

Changing batteries in your smoke alarms is the first thing many people mention when they think of what to do at time changes. Some people simply check the batteries, rather than replacing them. Your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, if they are fairly new, have indicators that tell you when the batteries are low. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you do take the batteries out without checking to see if they are bad, you might toss them in a drawer to use for less life-altering devices like TV remotes.

Check your first aid kits. You should have a large one in your home and a smaller one in each of your vehicles. Items get used, especially bandages, throughout the year. Replace anything in your kit that has been used.

Check your medicine cabinet. If there are any medications that are expired, replace them. This is mainly important with prescriptions and over the counter medications. Shampoo and toothpaste can usually be used until they are gone.

If you do have expired prescriptions or over the counter drugs, dispose of them properly. Take them to a local drugstore during drug-take-back programs. Never throw old medications down the toilet or in the garbage, as these could expose others to residual medication.

Daylight savings time starting and ending are good times to have your car thoroughly checked. You will have more than two oil changes a year, but spring and fall are excellent times to have your mechanic check for leaks, check the brakes to make sure they are working, and rotate your tires, so that they wear evenly.

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