DIY Photo Frame Ideas

Photos are the way we capture our most memorable moments throughout life. From the day we are born the snap shot story of our lives begins as we become the star of our very first photo album, our baby book. Throughout the years of growing up, from graduation to marriage, the albums continue to grow. These days we take photos using digital cameras and the camera on our cell phone, and store our photos away onto electronic albums rather than tangible ones. Although times have changed, I always think back to those days and remember that first disposable camera my parents bought me in grade school. I have boxes and albums filled with tons photos from those cameras, which are always amusing to look at every now and then when I’m feeling nostalgic.

With hundreds of photos some people take, there comes the decision of which ones you want to store away electronically and which ones you want to print to put in frames, or in photo albums, and boxes. The internet today makes it very easy to print your favorites and do what you please with them. For example, places like CVS and Walgreens have an online photo service where you can select a number of photos and they create an instant collage for you. There are also apps on smartphones that create collages and allow you to give a filter to photos for a professional look. Photo printing has also been made easier. For instance at Wal-Mart you can walk to the photo section with a flash drive and print photos out that way. Once you have your photos and collages printed, here are some creative DIY ways to display them…that do not cost much money, if any at all:

1. String and clothespins.
Grab string or something similar and some clothespins. Decide how long you want each string to be and how many rows you want. You can either tape or pin the ends to the wall or to a piece of wood, and let it hang a little lose so you can use the clothespins to hang pictures from.

clothespin photo frame

Photo credit: Shelterness

2. Chalkboard frames. Use mini chalk boards (purchase from your local craft store) and clips. You can use the chalk boards to display photos horizontally or vertically. Use the clips and clip them on to the top of each chalkboard, attach photo, and create designs around the photo on the chalk board if there is extra space to fill. Use a pin or nail to hang the chalkboard from.

chalkboard frame

Photo credit: Creature Comforts

3. Jar Photo Frames. Next time you finish that jar of olives or jam, don’t throw it away! Recycle it into a photo frame. Clear jars of any shape or size work, depending on the size of your photos. All you have to do is place a photo(s) in the jar. It is also a good idea to put two photos, back to back in a jar.

chalkboard frame

Photo credit: Beeper Bebe

4. Photo frame collage. Purchase photo frames with thick edges and cut out words and pictures from magazines to make a collage around the photo to describe it. Use words like “best friends” or “sisters” or “fun.”

photo frame collage

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Those are just a few quick ideas I thought I’d share. They are all very easy to do and are very cost effective which everyone loves. So make it a date to bring out your creative side this weekend, organize your photos, and frame your favorites!

What kind of photo frames have you made?

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