Falling Leaves? Time to Cleanup That Yard!

When you look out your window, the once green plush grass is full of brown, yellow, and red leaves. Now is the time to use those tools and help cleanup that yard to prepare for chilly temperatures and falling snow. Here are a few of our best sellers this time of the year.

Rolling Bag Holder

Rolling Bag Holder Garden Cart Lightweight, tubular frame and rolling wheels make transporting a 33 gallon bag of leaves, weeds, debris, mulch and much more a breeze. Works well with heavy loads. Features safe, no-slip handle for maneuverability.

Hose Brush Adapter

Turn your ordinary garden hose into an indispensable cleaning tool. Grills, outdoor furniture and children’s toys can all be cleaned with ease. The hard bristled adapter works to provide a thorough cleaning of any surface. It’s great for washing those outdoor chairs that get dirty from the weather all summer long. It can attach to any hose and is made of nylon, 10″ long.

Garden Hands

Jumbo garden “claws” make cleaning up the yard or garden fast, clean and efficient. Features large plastic backs that protect your hands from sharp objects and durable, comb-like teeth that help dig deep into grass and soil to gather leaves, weeds and twigs without leaving a mess behind. It’s so easy to use and saves a massive amount of time. Even younger kids will love to help you out with yard chores without complaining. Your hands stay clean and your yard looks tidy! Set of two, 14 1/2 x 12″.

Extra Large Deck Box

The extra large deck box has a 99 gallon capacity, holds 4 large chair cushions and 1 chaise cushion and is ideal for storing garden and pool accessories. It is a quick way to store all those outdoor items away in a flash when a storm hits and there is no time to bring all the furniture inside the house and/or garage. Easy assembly, no tools required and features a stay dry design. Color: Light taupe. Size: 53 1/2″ W x 27 1/2″ D x 24″ H.

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