Find the Colors of the Rainbow…In Your Purse! Organizing With Color
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Some of the best and clearest ways to organize the things in your life are by color, which also can make it more fun. Many of us ladies love to carry around our large designer purses with everything we need all in one place. We like to think it adds convenience to our life; but in all honesty, how organized is your purse? Some would say their purse “eats everything” or is a “black hole” because it is sometimes absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to find accessories as small as Chap Stick, keys, and even as big as a cell phone. Does this sound familiar to you?

Building off of Darla DeMorrow’s post about “Purse Organizing Secrets,” here are a few ideas and products I suggest to help get your chaotic purse under control simply by organizing with color:

1. To start, completely empty your purse onto a table and sort your accessories into groups (ie. money, coupons, cosmetics, prescriptions, etc.).

2. Count the number of groups you have and give each group of accessories a color. Colors like red, light blue, turquoise, yellow, orange, white, pink, purple, and lime green are easy to pick out. Give each group a color that makes sense to you, that you won’t forget. Remember: Don’t choose colors that blend in with the inside of your purse!

3. Decide what you want to use to store your accessories. Here are some ideas:

For your money, credit cards, IDs: bright colored slim wallet, colored aluminum wallet, clear coin purse

For your cosmetics: colored mesh purse pouches, colored coin purses, small travel makeup bag

For your coupons/receipts: bright colored coupon organizers

For your prescriptions/medicine: bright colored travel pill case

4. Make it a weekly routine. Chose a specific day at the beginning of each week, like a Sunday or a Monday, to repeat this process to keep your purse organized.

The first step now is making it a plan for the upcoming week to organize your purse with color, and that way you’ll never have to guess where anything is, or dig for your lost Chap Stick again. Color really can organize!

Do you use colors when you organize? What types of colors do you use and what items to you organize with color?

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