Five Items to Make a Small Room Look Bigger
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Trying to make the most of a confined space can be tricky. Especially if the space is essentially functional: a kitchen, bedroom, or other living area demands certain accoutrements that transitional spaces—hallways, landings, vestibules—simply don’t require. Happily, there’s no reason to choose between functionality and style. With the right pieces, it’s easy to create the illusion of spaciousness, while outfitting a room with all the creature comforts of home. Choosing items that open up a room it’s an interior designer’s trick that anyone can apply. These pieces work perfectly in practically any dormitory, studio apartment, sunroom, sheltered porch, or summer kitchen. Install one or several to make the most of your living space and make any room more relaxing, more inviting, more like home.

Mission Multimedia Cabinet

Clearing away the clutter is the first step toward making a small space more livable. This Mission Multimedia Cabinet is a great way to organize your home entertainment library. Neatly contain and curate up to 612 CDs, 298 DVDs or 172 VHS tapes while adding a dash of style and homey sophistication to your home’s social and relaxation zones. If you’re dealing with a limited amount of space, controlling the spread of small items creates more room to move around in. And having all your favorite movies and music easily accessible makes finding what you want hassle-free. Each shelf is constructed from solid oak and treated with high gloss lacquer finish. Dovetail jointed doors and heavy duty antique finish hinges.

Framed Large Metal Wall Mirror

Nothing opens up a small space like a hanging wall mirror. It’s an old decorator’s trick to double the visible space in a room simply by displaying its reflection. This Framed Large Metal Wall Mirror is 20 inches tall and 18 inches wide. It’s handy to have an extra mirror around—every party feels twice as big! Plus, touch ups on the go free you from the bathroom or bedroom. Enhance the look and feel of any room or transitional space by adding a gorgeous framed mirror. And a versatile, elegant frame design means that this mirror is compatible with any style of décor.

Cordless LED Desk Lamp

The right lightning scheme can make any space more beautiful and relaxing. To gain finer control over your lighting scheme and overall atmosphere, add one or more attractive, intensity-adjustable lamps to your home. This convenient Cordless LED Desk Lamp is an affordable, versatile way to add soft lighting to any room. Use it to read by, and enjoy a cozier atmosphere that can only be attained with just the right lighting. Since this lamp is cordless, you can place it anywhere in your home, regardless of your local electric socket placement. Perfect for a small home office or reading room, This Cordless LED Lamp delivers excellent soft lighting for any home activity.

Four Shelf Storage Units

This Four Shelf Storage Unit makes the most of any space, capitalizing on vertical storage capacity and displaying your treasures as it keeps them out from under your and your family’s feet. Built from attractive, durable cornleaf and pinewood materials, this nifty piece can be tucked neatly into practically any corner of your home, no matter how snug the conditions. Each shelf features a woven basket container—great for storing magazines or knick knacks—and these baskets detach to provide a separate storage component that you can use anywhere in your home. Decorating a different space with components from the same unit creates a stylistic unity that draws a home together—a shortcut to effortless elegance guests are sure to pick up on. Use this unusual unit to store books, towels, media—whichever items your family treasures.

Antique Black Three Shelf Bookcase

A gorgeous antique styled three shelf bookcase that brings a sense of spaciousness and elegance to any space it occupies. Designed with both utility and style in mind, the Antique Black Anna Bookcase complements décor in both Traditional and Modern styles. Add to any room to reduce clutter and create a charming atmosphere. Two large shelves provide more than enough room for storing and displaying books, keepsakes, art objects, or any of your home’s favorite knick knacks. Instructions for easy at home assembly are included with purchase. Once assembled, the Antique Black Anna Bookcase measures 35″W x 15″D x 34″H. An easy fit for any space in your home, not to mention a complete classic that is sure to stay in your family’s home for years to come.

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