Five Ways to Work an Ottoman

Oh, sure, those little ottomans look cute on paper, but they are really the workhorse of the house. The best ottomans do three jobs, as a table, a bench, and a spot to stash stuff. Here are five storage ideas to work into your footstool or ottoman.

1. Clothes donations. An ottoman in the dressing area is a great place to put outgrown items that are headed for a charity. Collect them when full and make your tax-deductible donation.

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2. Hiding your home office. Bring the file storage close to your favorite easy chair.

3. Baby gear. Need extra blankets, burp cloths and diapers on the first floor? Fit the diaper supplies and such in the family room ottoman.

4. Room for overnight guests. The ottoman that’s really a bed is a perfect solution if you need to turn a reading nook into a landing pad for a night.

5. Shoe pampering. The lining inside the round ottoman is really a set of pockets to hold pairs of shoes, with even room for even more in the middle.

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Sure, those leggy benches look great in the store, but at home, ottomans with storage get high marks.

What else do you stash in your ottoman?

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