Great Ways to Store Your Shoes
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Shoes can get out of hand—so to speak—very quickly. Kicked off at the end of the day, each shoe in a pair can go in opposite directions. They can get mixed up with other pairs of shoes or other accessories in your dressing area, making it difficult for you to find them again when you need them.

And even if you don’t store anything else on the floor, depending on how much space you have in your bedroom or closet, even a few pairs can take up a lot of space. They can also create a cluttered look all on their own unless you line them up along a wall. But these days there are many great ways to store your shoes that will declutter your space and make your life easier…you just have to pick the method that suits you the best.

The first thing you should do is get all your shoes together outside of the closet so that you can bring pairs together. Get rid of those old shoes you no longer wear as well as those that are worn out. You’ll probably be surprised to discover some older classics that you’d forgotten you had because they were lost in a back corner behind your unused gym bag. Once you’ve pared down your collection, organize them.

If you have a closet with a wood or tile floor, you can continue to store your footwear on that floor by creating a makeshift drawer that allows you to pull out your collection when you need and then push it back again. You do so by buying a small rug and setting your shoes on top of it. The rug will slide easily forward and back along the floor, so you can push your shoes out of sight under your clothes. Then you’ll be able to pull out the rug like a drawer when you’re ready to take a look at your collection.

If the floor of your closet is covered with carpet or offers limited space, a rug drawer probably isn’t a useful idea because it won’t slide. So consider hanging shelves in the closet. Usually constructed of metal or fortified vinyl, these units provide a handy spot to store shoes because they right from your closet rod. Each shelf is sturdy enough and large enough to hold at least two pairs of shoes and, if your collection is small, you might even have room to store your stockings and socks on the same hanging unit. That means everything you need will be right where you can access it most easily.
Of course, there are traditional hanging shoe holders that also fit between your clothes. These are usually inexpensive and simple to install, and they hold your shoes in pockets. Wood or wire shelves that stand on the floor can be found for little money, too, and they will give you loads of room to store your shoes.

Shoe boxes make an obvious place to store shoes, especially if you have a good amount of shelf space on which to stack them. Take a photograph of each pair of shoes and then glue, tape or staple the photo to the side or lid of the shoe box. You’ll be able to see your entire collection without having to open several boxes to find the one pair for which you’re looking. That means you’ll save time every morning as you get ready for your busy day.

Plastic shoe boxes are even better than the cardboard boxes in which your shoes are purchased. You can find them in uniform sizes so they stack more neatly than cardboard boxes. They are often opaque so you can see your shoes without having to post a photograph on the outside of each box.

Going back to the drawer idea, consider an under-the-bed unit to organize your collection out of sight. But being out of sight under the bed doesn’t make your collection difficult to access. These organizational units are simple to operate, sliding out from under the bed with a simple tug of your hand. These wood, vinyl or plastic organizers may or may not have lids. Some even have zipper closures and they open easily to reveal your shoe collection. The good thing about closing up your shoe collection is that they will be protected from dust and bugs. But the units are simple to operate, sliding out from under the bed with a simple tug of your hand, and opening easily to reveal your shoe collection.

Sandals, boots, slides or pumps…it doesn’t matter what type of footwear you own. You need a great way to store them; something neater than lining them up along the wall. Choose one of these and discover how tidy your collection can be.

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