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Guest Blogger: Darla DeMorrow, Certified Professional Organizer ®.


Organizing isn’t really about organizing. It’s about finding the time and energy to do the things you really love, like connecting with friends.

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If you are like me, when you hear about a friend going through tough times, you might send a quick email, maybe let them know you are keeping them in your prayers. But then you are on to the rest of your life, and weeks might go by until thoughts of that person come back to you.

Wouldn’t it be great to really stay in touch, to encourage that person regularly, and be organized enough to really remember to pray for them throughout their trial?

One way to do this is to send them mail, but I don’t mean just one card. Buy a pack of cards, maybe two, and pre-address them all at the same time. No reason you need to dig up their address more than once. Then you’ll have this stack of cards, ready to go for weekly-ish mailing. Keep them where you keep your bills or near your stamps, and you’ll see them regularly and be prompted to send one.

For extra credit, put a note on your calendar, or set a recurring appointment each week to send that note to your friend.

Admit it. You love getting physical mail that isn’t a bill. Your friend will, too. Sometimes you might write a whole note. Some days it might just be a scribbled, “I’m praying for you right now.” Sometimes you can tuck in an article you know she would read, or a small gift card for a little liquid pampering. (Starbucks is on my list of indulgences.) Your friend will start to get excited as she gets used to seeing your envelope in her mailbox.

With this strategy, you’ll look like an organizing rock star, even if you are not. But remember, it doesn’t matter whether you are or not, because organizing is really about finding the time to connect with people you love.

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