Guest Post: JaBox Storage Bins {Review & Giveaway}
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I’m always on the lookout for great storage options for you, and this newest one is cute with a Capital C. Even better, you could win a set of your very own. Keep reading to enter the giveaway.

These little JaBox sets are very similar to fabric bins that many moms use, but there’s something new here. They are just a bit more sturdy than your average bin, and they come with a fitted top, which makes them even more sturdy!

The Jabox bins come in several cute patterns (just search on JaBox once you are at their site). They also come in singles, 3-bin sets, and 5-bin sets. I chose this adorable pink stripe for my daughter’s room. If your daughter is like mine, she probably has the same kinds of stuffed animals, books, and teeny little toys that mine has, which don’t look tidy just sitting on the floor or dresser top.

I really like the size of these bins. They were perfectly sized to hold everything. The largest one in this set of three holds 20 stuffed animals, with no shoving or mashing. The middle one holds most sizes of books. And the smaller one is the perfect size for the Littlest Pet Shop and Barbie toys. Even better, it’s just the right size that my little one can dump it out and still not be overwhelmed when it comes time to clean up.

Because it is a bit more sturdy than some bins you’ve seen, it can be used as a seat or even a bedside table. The larger one is the right size for a seat for a grown up.

They come flat packed, and just unfold for setup. (Look ma, no tools!) I love the idea that the box could even be part of the gift for Christmas or birthday. How popular would you be in your family if you not only gave toys but the storage bin to keep them in???

If you are looking for more storage ideas, see what I turned up when researching storage for boys a while back.

Ready to win your own set of JaBox storage bins to organize your toys? Just enter here.

Disclaimer: I write for, so they were kind enough to send me a set of these bins for review and provide another set for the giveaway. But I truly wanted to share them with you, because they really do stand out in the world of affordable organization products.

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