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The holidays are my favorite time of year because it brings together family and friends. Between buying and decorating the Christmas tree and putting up the Christmas lights, this time of year can also be a very chaotic. A simple way to prevent stress and create less chaos for yourself is to stay organized. Last night, I was inspired to come up with ways to help organize our Christmas decorations after seeing how unorganized and tangled everything was. Nothing was labeled, Christmas ornaments were missing some of their hooks because they had no secure storage space, and the lights were tangled.

Let’s just say it looked like a tornado had gone through our attic and it turned out to be a very interesting night of decorating. By the end of it though, we all had a good laugh and a good time decorating the tree and putting up lights, and spending some quality family time together. I do know for sure that we were all thinking, “Wow, we need to organize when the decorations come down.

Here are some innovative and cost effective ways I discovered can be very helpful in organizing your holiday decorations. Never worry again about tangled lights or broken ornaments by using some these organization tips:

Holiday Lights. There are several ways you can organize lights to keep them untangled and safe. A cost effective way that I love is to wrap lights around different objects. The best part is, most of these objects you can find in your home and are ones you would be recycling. Here are some objects you can use to wrap holiday lights around to prevent tangling:

– pieces of cardboard

– empty paper towel rolls

– empty wrapping paper tube

– old, thin hardback books

– shoe box lids

– empty plastic bottles

– an old wiffle ball bat

– a small garden hose reel

– empty cereal boxes

Make sure you store them in a labeled box too! The best part is that only tools you may need to do most of these are a pair of scissors.

holiday light and ornament storage

Ornaments. No one likes when they open that box of ornaments and see some are broken. Start saving those egg cartons and use them to store smaller ornaments. Some other ideas include:

– Glue the bottom of plastic cups to pieces of cardboard, place ornaments in each cup, stack, and store in a storage box

– Apple crates

Muffin pans

Again, once you place the ornaments in their compartments of whatever method you decide to store them by, label the box you are putting them in! Such simple ideas and solutions like these will absolutely save you time and stress.

Don’t forget, at Get Organized we can help you with your light and ornament storage too! What are some innovative ways that you use to store your lights and ornaments for the holidays?

Photo Credit: Ariana Belle Organized Interiors

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