Help Us Pick A Winner!

This year Taylor Gifts offered a $1,000 scholarship. To receive the scholarship, one had to pick one of the following prompts and write an essay.

1. If you could create a device to better mankind’s quality of life, what would it be? Who would use it most?

2. Who do you consider to be history’s greatest entrepreneur or inventor? Why?

3. Do you consider yourself unconventional? When has it paid off?

4. Has there been a time in your life when you’ve felt guided by an entrepreneurial spirit? Did you act on it and take the initiative to achieve your goal? Explain.

We received over 50 entries and have narrowed it down to 4 choices.

Rachel Grace Siddons

Rayna Perry

Morgan Lynch

Eric Garrett

We need your help! Read them and vote for your favorite on the official scholarship page.

Click here to vote.


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