Holiday Shopping 101
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If you’re anything like me, you search for deals before going out to buy gifts for all your family and friends. You know that you’ll be spending hours the next few weeks walking around in stores, waiting in lines, and handing over money. Why not shop smartly this year to avoid the stress of buying Christmas gifts?

One thing to keep in mind is start early, really early. Many stores open their doors early for those shoppers who want top deals and top savings. If there’s that one toy your child has to have, it wouldn’t hurt to check the flyers. There’s nothing wrong with a happy kid on Christmas morning. I know one year, my dad got up at like 4 am the day after Thanksgiving because I had to have a certain Barbie doll. Needless to say, I was a very happy little girl that Christmas.

Also, keep hold of your receipts. Check flyers and prices to see if you can get price adjustments. A lot of retailers will do this, usually within 14 days of the purchase. You may also need to keep those receipts for returns too (you know it happens every year).

Finally, check the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. These sites are going to be huge this year for big deals on products and purchases, especially can’t-miss deals that last only a few hours.

If you plan ahead and keep your ears and eyes alert this holiday season, your shopping experience should be a little less chaotic.

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