How Do You Accomplish Holiday Storage with Style?

You probably feel a justified sense of accomplishment when your holiday decorations are all up and your house looks like something on a greeting card. That feeling quickly fades when the holidays are over, and you’re faced with the task of storing all your holiday items safely away.

Your collection probably grew this year, with people giving you additional china village buildings or other decorations as gifts. If you hit the half-price sales in late December, you have accumulated even more things that now have to be stored for the year.

Many people use the original boxes even for older ornaments. While they may fit in these boxes, the boxes themselves are not usually designed for fragile items. Ditch those old, original boxes and purchase safe, plastic storage boxes that will hold your items safely and give you a way to see what’s in each box without opening them all. Once your plastic bins are packed up, you can attach labels, if you want to be even more sure that you can find everything next year.

Wrapping paper doesn’t need the same protection as breakables, but it does come in unwieldy rolls that won’t allow it to fit in smaller storage containers. A large container or even a new trash can will work well to store your rolled wrapping paper, which are also great because they are waterproof storage solutions you can use in your garage for instance. You’ll want a can that is two or three feet tall, and that has a lid. You don’t need to buy stainless steel – the sturdy plastic cans will work well.

Under-the-bed organizers are quite useful if you don’t have a lot of storage space available. Tuck ornaments and decorations in these boxes. Many of them have divided sections already, so you won’t need a separate organizer. It will also zip closed in order to keep your ornaments clean. This will make it so much easier to find your ornaments next year.

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