How Do You Pack Away Winter Coats and Clothes?
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When the last of the winter snow is melting, whenever that may be, you can finally pack away your winter clothing. Thermal clothing, hats, gloves, coats and sweaters can be tossed into a box, but then you’ll have a tough time sorting it all out next fall.

Instead, have all your winter clothing mended, if needed, and cleaned. Then put it away in waterproof tubs. This will make a huge difference when you’re unpacking warm clothes next fall and winter.

Clean all of your winter clothes before you pack them away. Any stains left on clothes can set in if you don’t clean them before the clothes are packed away. Clean clothes also leave you less likely to have insects munching on your sweaters. Check to make sure that none of your clothes need to be dry cleaned before washing them at home.

Plastic tubs with lids work very well for storing winter clothes during the warmer seasons. Use clean, new boxes so that you won’t have to worry about insects and stains. Plastic is better than cardboard, which can attract bugs. Keep your clothes in a dry place. Otherwise, trapped moisture could be a problem.

You may think that hanging sweaters and knits on hangers would be a good idea, but they can actually lose their shape when they are hung for long time periods. Instead, you should fold the sweaters and other items carefully and lay them in your storage container. Stack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. This helps to keep air circulating, even when they are stored for a long time.

The place where you store your winter clothes should be dry, dark, cool and clean. These conditions will protect the clothing you are storing away for the summer. Choose a place that does not experience heat. Clean your storage area before you place your boxes of clothes there.

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