How Do You Stow Away Holiday Decorations Safely
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While wrapping paper is flat or on rolls and not usually too difficult to store, your artificial tree, lights, ornaments and other decorations may be significantly harder to store safely.
Multi-colored or white lights and icicle lights can be a nightmare to store if you don’t have containers and spindles made for this purpose. Carrying cases for lights have spools inside, where your lights can be easily wound and then unwound next year.

Wreaths are sometimes left in their original boxes for several years after their purchase, but this is not a long-term storage solution. Vinyl storage bags and plastic boxes make it easy to see which wreath you are selecting from your storage area, and they will protect your wreaths from dirt and dust. Garlands can also be coiled inside these boxes.

Everyone accumulates odds and ends as far as decorations go, and clear plastic boxes will make it easier to store mantelpiece decorations, outdoor decorations, ribbons and ornament hangers. They are designed to be easy to see through, so that it’s easy to find everything next year. These are usually available in a variety of sizes.

For outdoor Christmas lights, a case will be quite handy to hold many feet of lights. It is typically easy to unspool the lights when you are ready to hang them up next year. Three-tiered boxes will take care of your ornaments and fragile decorations during the year. You can customize trays with dividers, and use bubble wrap for fragile items.

Ornament storage boxes are simple and functional. They can be cardboard or plastic. These boxes are made to be sturdy, and they will last for years. If your ornaments are fragile, you will probably want to wrap them in bubble wrap before you store it inside a box designed for this purpose.

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