How Organizing Your Closet Will Decrease Time Spent Getting Ready
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How many mornings have you spent digging through the pile of sweaters on the floor of your closet to find the pair of boots you put there the previous week? How many evenings have you pressed your hand through wedged-in clothing looking for the special dress you need for your date, listening to the clock tick away the minutes? There are so many times when you need to get ready for an event or simply for work in a hurry but your cluttered closet slows you down. Organizing your closet is really fairly simple and keeping it organized will decrease the amount of time you need to spend getting ready for anything.

The first thing you should do is remove any clothing that you don’t need to wear this season. So if it’s spring or summer, pack away all your sweaters and bulky garments. If it’s fall or winter, pack away all your warm weather clothing. You can do so easily with a Space Saving Vacuum Bag Set. These airtight, clear bags are waterproof and will protect your clothing from insects, mildew, moisture and mold. And because you can vacuum air out of the bag, you’ll triple your storage space. That’s because removing the air allows each garment to compress. You’ll be able to tuck your filled Space Saving Vacuum Bag under the bed or on a shelf, getting non-seasonal items out of your way until the weather changes.

If you prefer to compact your garments out of sight, the 60 Inch White Storage Closet is for you. You’ll recover about 75% of previously used space inside your closet using this double storage closet to store clothes that are currently out of season.

Now that you’ve cleared some space, it will be easier to see the clothes that you have in the closet. You won’t have to wedge your way into all your hanging garments or dig through lopsided piles on shelves. That simple change will instantly make it easier for you to find the perfect dress for your date or that blazer you need for the day’s job interview.

Of course, even during cool seasons of the year, you want to store your sweaters to keep them free from dust and moisture. So get a Set of 2 Sweater Storage Bags. These handy clear vinyl organizers are generously sized to hold your bulkiest sweaters, but then you can slide them under the bed or onto a shelf inside the closet. Wherever you store it, the quick zipper allows you to access your favorite sweater quickly each day, then get dressed and out the door.

Keep your shoes organized and free of dust at the same time by storing each pair in one of the Clear Shoe Boot Boxes. These clear boxes allows you to easily see all of your shoes and boots, making it faster for you to get your hands on the pair you need each time you’re ready to get dressed. This system is much better than having to open and close all those cardboard boxes or dig through the clutter of shoes that often extends into the farthest back corners of the closet. You can use these boxes to store other items, too, such as your collection of belts or purses.

Get your socks and stockings organized, too, by placing them inside the Hanging Mesh Sock Keeper. It hangs from any closet rod, and the mesh sides allow you to see all of your socks at a quick glance. That way you can choose the color or style you want quickly then reach through one of the three easy-access openings. Up to twenty pairs of socks will fit easily inside this convenient organizer, freeing up drawer space for other items or allowing you to get rid of that old basket where you used to store your socks.

Once you get your closet organized, you’ll be thrilled at the amount of time you’ll save getting ready for anything.

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