How Organizing Your Shoes Will Make You Happier
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If your shoes stay out of sight, they will also stay out of mind. By organizing your shoes, you will find you probably have a lot more choices than you thought – which will certainly brighten anyone’s day.


You may want to try out different organizers for your off-season footwear. Since you won’t be wearing it for several months, look for an organizer that will keep your shoes dust-free.

clear boot boxes set of two

For instance, with the warmer weather coming in you might want to consider Clear Boot Boxes to store your boots away until next fall. Line them up under the bed or at the bottom of a closet. Each one holds one pair of shoes or boots, keeping them dust free but completely visible. These boot boxes come in pairs.

In the Closet

If your closet space is adequate, it’s best to find a shoe rack that fits across the bottom of your closet. Shoe racks come in a variety of widths – you’re sure to find something that comes close to a customized fit.

Over the Door

overdoor wire shoe rack

There is a lot of variety in over-the-door shoe racks in terms of length and number of shoes they can accommodate. A basic version has 36 wire shoe frames on which you hang 18 pairs of shoes. You can either hang it over the bedroom or closet door – or screw it onto the door itself.


Shoes don’t always find their way to the bedroom, which is why there are other kinds of organizers. shoe cabinetsFor example, you need something to place in your mudroom or front hallway to store those snow boots and hiking boots as they come into the house. Shoe cabinets will keep your shoes in one place, but because they are actually cabinets that close they keep the mess from showing. They are perfect for a hallway or mudroom. Open up the pivoting door, place your shoes or boots and close the door. They are available in white, black, cherry or oak finishes made from Melamine laminated particle board. You can order a single, double or triple cabinet. Need more than that? Place them side by side to get the storage space your family needs.

Under the Bed

zephyr underbed shoe organizer

Another good hiding spot for shoes is under the bed. Shoe boxes are great, but it also wouldn’t hurt to consider an underbed shoe organizer. The Zephyr Underbed Shoe Organizer comes with a pull out handle for easy access. It also features a zipper to close and protect your shoes from dust that can build up over time.

If you do nothing else for your shoes, be sure to place a mat or a piece of carpet across the bottom floor of your closet. This protects them from getting scratched up on the bare floor. And when you line up your shoes, place your dress shoes in the front row and taller boots and athletic shoes to the back.

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