How To Get Organized for the Summer

The winter in most areas was long and cold this year. But now it’s time to put your winter clothes away – finally!

Samsonite® Vac Bags are perfect for storing your heavy winter coats and other winter essentials. Pack away your gloves, scarves and hats, too. You can store more clothing in less room if you use vacuum storage bags. Just pack your bags, seal them and use a vacuum hose to remove all the air. The bags will protect your clothing and accessories from water, debris, bugs and dirt, and still save plenty of space in your closet for your summer clothes, keeping them more easily organized.

Keep Your Small Gardening Tools Together

A converting garden seat with kneeler features a seat height from which it is easy to do ground work like pulling short weeds. You can turn the seat over and it becomes a cushioned, comfortable place where you can kneel in comfort as you dig or plant seeds or plants. This kneeler is lightweight but still durable, and it has handy bar grips. It is also easy to assemble with snap locks and no tools needed.

Keep Your Cool this Summer

A USB fan is just the thing to keep you cool while you work at your PC or on your laptop. Although the fan is only 5 inches, it is powerful enough to help in keeping you cool. There are two power options. If you’re not at your computer, the fan can be operated with four AA batteries. The fan comes in bright and cheery colors.

Take Your Seat to the Beach

Organize your beach supplies and make one trip from your vehicle to the water’s edge. The beach cart seat folds easily to fit in your trunk. It holds all the things that make the beach so fun – chairs, toys, towels and your cooler for beverages. The beach cart has large, 8-inch wheels that roll easily, even in sand. The net bag is large enough for everything you want to take down to the sand.


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