How to Get Ready for Holiday Guests

With the holidays just around the corner it’s likely that you’ll have some guests staying with you from out of town. To make the visit as comfortable as possible take some time to get organized for the holidays. If you have a spare bedroom, spend some time cleaning it and removing any items that may have drifted into the room. Think of your home as a personal hotel for your guests. Clean and organize a bathroom that can be designated specifically for use by your guests while they are staying with you. If you need to, update the shower curtain, rugs, and towels. Empty the counter to allow space for your guests to put their own toiletries.

Find a set of water hyacinth baskets to place fresh towels and supplies in the guest bathroom. If there is room, provide a rolling mesh storage cart which can be kept in the bathroom or in the hallway to hold extra guest towels. Place a bathtub caddy in the tub to make showering and bathing more luxurious and enjoyable. Get some small sized shampoo, soaps, toothpaste, and shower gel to place in a basket for your guests to use. This will help make them feel special.

The closets in your guest bedroom are likely filled to the brim. Don’t worry – simply add a small portable wardrobe closet or garment rack that will give guests plenty of space to unpack and hang their clothes and shoes during their stay. Launder the bedding including the comforter and purchase a couple of new fluffy pillows. Empty the bedside table and provide a small alarm clock for your guest to use if they like. Include a small laptop tray or table so your guests can use their computer during their stay. These touches will help to make their visit pleasant.


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