How To Make Room for Your Car with Garage Organizers
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You’re probably tired of tripping over bikes, trikes, garden implements and tools in your garage, and you may not even be able to get one car in, let alone two. There are lots of handy garage organizers that will put things where you can find them and free up at least enough space for maybe one car.

Freestanding garage shelves are handy, since they’re easy to install without tools, and they hold so many different things. All you have to do is to unfold them and then lean them against the inside garage wall. They will use gravity to remain steady, and they have rubber stops, to keep from harming the walls. This type of shelving can store everything from gardening tools to small containers, keeping them all safely out of the way.

Plastic lattice can be used to store pipe, conduit, flashing and trim, states Family Handy Man. All you have to do is cut two pieces the same length and then screw it into cleats in the studs. Then it will be easy to find leftover home improvement materials so you won’t have to buy more for every project.

An open rack with shelves allows you to store so many things. From brooms and rakes to hoses and tools, it will be like a mini garden center in your garage. Storing tools upright makes them easy to find, and the separate drawer is great for little things you don’t want to leave laying out.

Cords can make a real mess in your garage when they get tangled. Use a PVC pipe to make a holder for all the wiring and cords you’re tired of tripping over. It’s so easy to find them when you do need them, too. A few clever ideas can give you lots more room in your garage.


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