How to Maximize Your Patio Space
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According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), outdoor patios, porches, and decks are the most sought-after design features by buyers of new homes. These structures not only add living space to any abode, they also create a fun, family-friendly environment that is prized by new owners. Patios are also enjoyed as private spaces by couples who want a romantic evening alone, under the stars.

Once considered a curiosity, patios have become a fixture in American homes. Around forty-five percent of new homes feature an outdoor patio, which is a percentage that has nearly doubled over the past three decades. Furthermore, these areas have gotten homier in recent years. In addition to patio furniture and outdoor grills, owners often install fit pits or fireplaces, additional lighting, seating, and chair and table sets. Many create fully-appointed dining areas that can be enjoyed during the warmer months.

Of course, the problem most homeowners have outdoors is the same one they have inside—space! Because they are typically quite small, patio furniture and other objects must be arranged in such a way so as to maximize space. In this article we will share a few simple patio organization tips that will make your outdoor living area more comfortable and inviting.

The Furniture

Because they are often designed with entertaining in mind, a patio should not be decorated like a normal room. Since party guests will almost certainly be standing around a lot at barbecues and other get-togethers, it is important to give them an open space where they can congregate. Therefore, it is also best to arrange outdoor furniture around the perimeter. This will not only open the area up, it will also prevent guests from bumping into your furniture.

Pillows for Seating

Chaise lounges are great if you have the space, but they take up an awful lot of room and can easily overwhelm a small patio. One easy and inexpensive way to increase seating capacity without taking up much space is to use pillows in place of or in addition to actual chairs. Isn’t that a bit too causal? Trust us, at a fun, friendly party during the summer months, nobody much cares where they sit or stand. In fact, it makes most adults feel like they sitting around the campfire again. In other words, it is pleasantly nostalgic.

Use a Smaller Table

Generally made of metal and glass, patio tables are often quite large and rob the area of valuable space. In order to accommodate more guests, it may be necessary to use an unconventional table in its place. If the table is to be used primarily as a stand for snacks and drinks, replacing it with a portable all-purpose island can save an awful lot of space. These inexpensive and portable pieces of furniture can be used for food prep, eating, and general entertaining.

Create a Cozy Seating Area

Whether at a party or family get-together, some folks will invariably get tired and want to sit down. If you have an open corner, adding a nice seating section that contains two chairs, a couch, and a small table arranged in a half circle should suffice.

Different Areas

When throwing a large outdoor party, small tables with refreshments, buffet tables, and seating areas should all be arranged in different areas. This ensures that crowds will not form and that all of the available space is utilized. When it comes to larger tables, it is always best to select a round one, since rectangular or square tables take up more space and do not provide additional seating, when needed.

Go Narrow!

A truly incommodious patio can be a chore to furnish and decorate. Finding room for everything is rarely an option and sacrifices must be made. One way to provide adequate seating and standing room for guests is to purchase narrow outdoor couches that can be arranged end to end in two rows that face each other. This setup should leave just enough room for small coffee tables in between and areas for people to mingle on the perimeter.

Tiny Tables

Because it’s easily the largest piece of outdoor furniture, we have done a lot of talking about tables today. As familiar and reliable as they may be, lots of patio owners simply don’t have the room to accommodate large chair and table sets, especially when entertaining. Therefore, it makes sense to replace them with small, fold-out tables that can be used to hold small trays of appetizers and a few drinks. Larger food items and alcohol can be kept indoors until needed. If you already own an outdoor table and chair set that you are quite fond of, simply put it in storage while entertaining.

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