How To Organize a Holiday Baking Area

With the holidays on the way you’re likely going to do a lot of baking. Not only will you do a lot of baking for your family and friends, but you also have bake sales and cookie exchanges where you’ll need to provide baked goods. Now is the time to organize a special holiday baking area to provide you with the space and convenience of having all your baking items located in one place. Start by choosing a cabinet that you can use for all your baking supplies. If you don’t have the cupboard space opt for a baker’s rack or butcher bin. These offer plenty of space where you can keep all the necessary items together. If you have a pantry, designate one side specifically for your baking needs.

Sort all of your baking ingredients so you can keep them together. Use plastic baskets or cupboard tamers to organize baking supplies on shelves. Use canisters to keep flour and sugar fresh. Make a drawer organizer to keep all your baking utensils and gadgets such as measuring cups and spoons. A set of nesting mixing bowls is perfect for saving space while taking care of all your needs. Store your larger items on top of your baking sheets and pans to save space.

Clear a section of your countertop space so you can use it for baking. Keep your mixer ready for fast use. Put all your baking utensils into a countertop carousel so you can grab whatever you need without having to reach into a drawer. Place silicone pads on your counters and inside the oven to make cleanup a breeze and to define your baking space. With everything you need at your fingertips you’ll be able to have an easier and more enjoyable time doing all of your holiday baking.


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