How To Organize Scarves
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This week, we welcome guest blogger Darla DeMorrow, Certified Professional Organizer

Come fall, one wardrobe accessory shows up more and more: scarves. They are beautiful, soft, and colorful, but they aren’t always easy to organize. I’ve rounded up a few scarf organizing solutions you can try here:
Without any fancy equipment, you can tie scarves onto the kind of hanger you might use to fold pants over. A simple single loop through will keep them in pace without creases.

A specialty hanger normally used for belts and ties will also work. These have the benefit of having only one scarf per loop, usually, making it easy to get to any item.

A specialty scarf hanger is also a good choice. Some of them are coated;

This 18 scarf hanger is currently available at Get Organized.

velvet hangers are especially gentle. They also come in fun shapes, that might reflect your personality.

If you only have a few scarves to organize, a simple coat hook mounted on the wall or door can do the trick.

You can fold and stack them on a shelf, especially if you use shelf dividers to help keep them in place. Just be careful not to stack too many, or you’ll end up with creases.

Each compartment can store a different scarf.

Drawer dividers are a good solution, especially for very thin scarves, or the smaller kerchief-style scarves.

Many people tend to always pair certain scarves with certain coats or outfits, so you might choose to hang a scarf with the outfit, either on a hanger with a built-in belt loop for just this purpose, or just around the neck of the hanger.

Something a bit more crazy might be the best organizing tool for you and your scarves. Do you have a real or faux dear head? It’s not for everyone, but if you are a visual person, maybe you want to dress up your rack in your dressing room.

Repurpose an old curtain rod, towel rod, or even a quilt rack to hold them.
If you are handy, vintage door knobs or cabinet pulls attached directly to the wall or mounted on a piece of molding can be beautiful and functional wall accents to hold and organize your scarves.

Paint and then suspend a vintage chandelier form (like a chandelier, but without the electric) at a comfortable reach for you in a corner of your room or closet. The gracefully bent arms can be a safe place for your fashions, as long as you skip the candles. Instead, top the candle holders with faux flowers or decorative crystals.

Have a favorite small garden gate or trellis form? If it can be sanded and smoothed, it might be a pretty place to tuck your treasures, or clip them with lightweight laundry pins.

Cover small gift boxes with pretty paper, fabric, or even old scarves, and then use them inside your shallow drawers for a personal organizing statement.

Cut medium PVC pipes to size, sand the rough edges, and glue them in a stack, then secure to the inside of a closet. They can be a great place to store rolled scarves, avoiding wrinkles, and using previously unused closet space. You can even repurpose toilet paper rolls as the form to wrap thin scarves around, before placing them inside larger tubes.

You are only limited by your imagination. As long as your storage solution is smooth and free of burs that might snag your scarves, you can create ready access to your fall accessories.

These are a few ways to keep scarves handy and fresh for fall outfits. Do you have a favorite or a unique way that you organize your scarves?

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