How to Organize Your Family Room for the Holidays
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The holidays are fast approaching and now is the time to get your home organized. Before the decorations go up and before the new gifts and toys arrive, there is time to create more organization in your family room. Your family room is where you likely spend most of your time watching television, playing games, and listening to music. Create more space in the room by using a plasma TV cabinet. The cabinet looks good and has space for your DVD or BluRay player, DVR, and has drawers and doors to hold DVDs.

When you need additional space for your DVDs and CDs, add a wall mount media storage system to your room. They come in single or double sizes and in different finishes to match your d├ęcor. If you have limited space but a lot of media to store, consider a revolving media tower. Keep toys organized by using baskets or a toy chest where you can easily place items that are left out. Teach children to pick up their toys after they are done playing with them and make sure they have enough easy storage containers in their rooms to keep things in place.

Paper clutter is often a problem in the family room. Get a basket where newspapers and magazines can be kept. Once a week, clean out the basket and place old items in the recycle bin. If space is tight, use ottomans that have storage so you can keep clutter out of sight. If excessive mail is a problem, get a small desk with storage bins to keep recent bills and important mail. Throw away any old mail as soon as you look at it. If you have excess furniture in the room, move it out temporarily to make room for your Christmas tree in plenty of time to get it set up for decorations.


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