How To Simplify Your Holidays
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The holidays are a fun time but can also be very stressful. With lots of activity, events, parties, and shopping, the days quickly tic by. There are some things you can do to make the holidays less stressful and more fun for you. Experts know that stress comes from trying to do more than you are able to in any given period of time. To better control your days, don’t overextend yourself. Begin by dedicating a file box to the holidays. Make folders for gift ideas, catalogs, and gift receipts. This will help you keep everything in one easy place when you need it. Utilize a desktop address book for phone numbers, addresses, and emails of friends and family members.

Instead of sending cards this year, consider using e-cards. These take less time to send and are more modern. Reduce the number of presents you need to purchase. Shop early for gifts for your service providers such as your hairdresser and nail technician. Give gift cards to these people to make gift giving much less worrisome. Buy several bottles of wine to keep on hand. These are perfect for last minute gifts should you suddenly realize you forgot someone. You can also keep a couple of gift cards on hand for the same purpose. Choose cards to places that you like so if you don’t give them away you can use them later on.

Keep your holiday décor organized by using holiday storage boxes. When your decorations are easy to use it makes decorating your home fun rather than a chore. Allow plenty of time for all your activities and learn to say no instead of overextending yourself. Schedule some family time so you can enjoy festive activities like baking cookies, decorating the tree or wrapping packages. Finally, play some holiday music to get you feeling joyful and have fun.


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