I Hate Christmas Because…
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Its seems year after year, Christmas creeps up earlier. Though Christmas is about decking the halls, ho-ho-ho-ing, and all that merry stuff, so many people hate the onset of the festivities. Personally, Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and when I was younger, I used to listen to Christmas music from July through January (I’ve decreased the amount of time I listen to it now). It amazes me that people hate the holiday and I thought I would investigate as to why. Here is what I found ticks people off the most about this holiday.

1. Christmas Music: “Do the radio stations really need to begin playing music right after I just stuffed my face full of candy from Halloween? Give me some time to digest. And also, why do they have to play the same song like 50 times in one day? I’ve heard it like 10 times already.”

2. Christmas Cards: “Oh, so I do exist in your world? But wait, thanks for the special duplicate card that you sent 20 other people on your list. And I love the typed up novel of your life this past year…it means so much that you thought to send a generic message to everyone.”

3. A Christmas Carol: “So really, how many times can we interpret this story? Charles Dickens wrote it once for a nice story time. I don’t think I need 50 versions of it to tell me that being a good person is better than being a mean one.”

4. Christmas Shopping: “Searching for a parking spot, constant crowds of people, long checkout lines, trying to get a hold of  the must-have toy gift…why is shopping fun again?”

5. Christmas Trees: “Real or fake? Buying a fake tree is just not the same. Why? Because there’s no pine smell? No, I’d rather get a real one because I’m going to go have a living tree cut down that I prop up in my living room to hang things on its branches, admire for a few weeks, then dump in the garbage after New Years.”

6. Christmas Gifts: ” ‘Ok, slippers for Mom, a hammer for Dad, toy cars for Little Bobby…’ the race begins until the deadline of Christmas Eve. Every spare minute of your day is spent in stores searching for the ‘perfect gift’ for that ‘special someone.’ Is emptying my bank account on everyone over with yet?”

7. Christmas Movies: “The classics are fine but why modernize every single Christmas story? Speaking of Christmas stories, does there really need to be a 24-hour marathon of  The Christmas Story every year? I think I’ve had my share of Ralphy and the infamous leg lamp.”

8. Family Get-Togethers: “I avoid you all year long, aside from the occasional phone call but now I don’t have a choice but to see you for the holidays. And you’re so going to make me wear that tacky sweater you got me last year, right? Just great. Oh, and by the way, thanks for the extra ten pounds from dinner.”

9. Christmas Greed: “Susie: ‘Mommy, I want a new bike and an Easy Bake Oven and…’ Mother: ‘Why don’t you just ask Santa for it?’ And in the end, doesn’t the parent get stuck buying all that stuff their greedy kid wants? Of course, or else they have to deal with a tantrum of what their kid didn’t get from Santa.”

10. Christmas Commercialization: “Christmas is great but what happened to the true meaning of the holiday? When did the holiday become only about buy, buy, buy-ing? Just keep bringing on the advertisements; you know you can sucker my money out of my wallet and leave me debt-ridden.”

Now in all truthfulness, the entire concept of Christmas has lost it’s true meaning but rather than looking at all the negatives of the holiday, enjoy it while it is here. You know, it only comes once a year.

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