I Have 500 Photos in my Cell Phone. Now What?

Every morning when my alarm goes off and every night before I go to bed, the first thing I do is turn on the TV and check my cell phone. On the TV I’ve got the news, and on my cell phone I typically go right to Twitter. I guess you could call it a daily routine for me. The difference is at night I typically go through some of my other apps too, and last week I found myself browsing through the photos on my phone. What shocked me was the amount of photos I had….five hundred.

Five hundred photos on my cell phone. That may sound outrageous to some of you, but I am that person who takes photos of EVERYTHING whether it is funny, interesting, my travels, good food, nature, friends and family, sporting events, etc.; I have photos of it all. Some photos I take are pointless, but to me it’s a way of self-expression. The photos I take are of the things I am passionate about and like, combined with my sense of humor and I like to share them with others. For example, the last photo in my phone is a picture of a burger from Port of Call in New Orleans. Why? I was traveling, and I wanted to remember what the “best burger in New Orleans” looked like.

What am I supposed to do with five hundred photos in my cell phone? Realistically it’s easier to just leave them as is. But the correct answer is to first organize them. With some self-discipline, here is how I safely organized the photos on my cell phone:

1. Organize your photos into albums in your phone. This may be easier for those of us with smart phones. I have the iPhone and they make it pretty simple for you. When you click on the Photo App it brings you to your albums. Touch the + sign at the top left of the screen to create albums. I have 6 albums organized by event, and by the type of app I used to edit it, like Instagram and PicStitch.

2. Connect your phone to your laptop/computer and transfer or copy photos to your computer. This is smart! Worst case scenario, if you ever lose or have your phone stolen, your pictures are safe and sound on your computer. You’ll also be able to organize them into folders. While you’re at it, save them to a USB photo keeper for extra safe backup.

Here are also some alternative ways to organize and store your photos online:

1. Photo Sharing Sites. Sites like Flickr and Photobucket are great for photo management and sharing. Most smartphones have apps for photo sharing sites like these to make it for an easy upload.

2. Upload photos to social media sites. I have been a Facebook user for years now, and I have albums on my Facebook profile dating back to 2006; that’s 6 years’ worth of photos! All smartphones allow you to upload your photos to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This can be an easy alternative to storing your photos. Be careful and conscious of the photos you are posting though, because they are visible to EVERYONE on the internet unless you have privacy restrictions in place.

I highly recommend the first two methods I shared with you to ensure you have a protected way to store the photos taken with your cell phone. The last two are the fun and alternative ways, to share the photographic memories with friends and family. As a first step in your photo organization, go take a look at your cell phone, you may be surprised to see how many photos you have stored away in there!

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