Increase the Space in Your Kitchen with These Organizational Products

It doesn’t matter how large your kitchen is, or whether you live in an apartment, a condo or a house. You probably wish you had more space for storage as well as for food preparation. Fortunately there are plenty of organizational products that are made to increase the usable space inside your kitchen.

First, look realistically at all the utensils and dishes you have and give away those that you never use. There are sure to be at least a couple. If you never eat eggs, why do you need an egg separator? If you don’t drink, give away your swizzle sticks and shot glasses. Cleaning out such items will instantly make you feel less cluttered and in more control of your kitchen space.

Once you remove what you don’t need, start organizing what is left. If you’re fortunate enough to have deep drawers in your kitchen make use of drawer organizers that feature movable dividers. These are excellent for helping you to keep pot lids together in one part of the drawer and pots in another. Use this system for organizing your plastic storage bowls, too. You’ll never have to hunt for the right lid again because you’ll always know right where you put it after its last use.

Shallow drawers can make use of divided organizers, too. Almost everyone stores flatware in some kind of divided organizer, but these days you can find organizers that fit any size drawer. If you have an odd-sized drawer, adjustable organizers will simplify your life and allow you to take advantage of every centimeter of space. Flatware, cooking utensils, odds and ends such as cookie cutters or cheese graters will all have their own assigned spaces in drawers, allowing you find exactly what you need when you need it.

The kitchen junk drawer will no longer look junky when you employ one of these organizers in it. All those little items such as spare batteries or screws, water filters and push pins will be easy to find when you install a divider in the junk drawer.

Slide out baskets are great organizers to keep your dishware or cookware sorted and easily accessible in any cabinet. Constructed of sturdy wire, they pull out to allow you to see everything at a glance and to grab what you need. They come in a variety of sizes so you’re sure to find one that will fit inside each of your cabinets. Even the pantry will benefit from these slide out baskets, allowing you to organize your canned food and then access it easily. They make it possible for you to make use of space at the far back of your cabinets and pantry—no longer will you one day discover and five-year old box of cereal crushed behind several cans of green beans. That’s because each time you pull out one of these baskets, you’ll be able to see everything on the shelf.

Handled storage organizers allow you to store plates and bowls on lower shelves and still be able to access them easily. Just grab the handles and carry your plates right to the table. Then, after you wash and dry the dishes, stack them in the organizer and carry it back to the shelf for storage.

Take advantage of space you might not have considered before. For example, you can stack your plates on a shelf and still have a few inches of space available above them. Place a simple chrome corner shelf on the shelf then slide the plates under the two shelves and stack bowls or coffee cups on top of the other shelves. Lost space is instantly recovered.

De-clutter your kitchen countertops by moving your canister set inside a cabinet. Put your spices up there, too, organizer them on a chrome corner shelf or on one of the slide out baskets. Other items that normally take up counter space can be put away, too, using any of these handy organizers. You can even put the blender and toaster into slide out baskets, getting them out of the way when you aren’t using them but leaving them easily accessible when you do.

Don’t forget the sink area. Any of these organizers will help to straighten up that space, too, allowing you to keep your sink and adjoining counters cleaner. Tuck a slide out basket under the sink to hold your soaps and sponges or place a chrome corner shelf there to give you double the space for other cleanser storage.

By making use of only a few of these handy organizers, you’ll create more space in your kitchen than you ever thought possible. Then you can make use of that space to get creative with your cooking. You and your family will immediately love how much more usable your kitchen will become.

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