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Generally, there are more uses than one for many products in our home, but we seem to overlook the simplicity of it. All it takes is some thinking outside of the box. For those of you who like to recreate and reinvent new ways to perform a task or use a product, have you ever taken some time to walk around your home and give something as simple as a hanger in your closet a new purpose or use for something other than to hang that cute blouse? Why don’t you give it a try this weekend? Trust me; you’ll be surprised what simple concepts you can come up with and surprised to see how many items in your home have multiple uses.

To get your creative juices flowing here are some ideas we have featured for our “Two for Tuesday” that many of our customers, fans, and readers have put to use that make for fun and innovative ways of organizing using products for other than what it is intended:

Wine Racks. Have you ever thought of using a wine rack in your bathroom or washroom? Many wine racks can be turned into stylish towel holders. You can also turn smaller wine racks into magazine holders for your living room. Some wine racks have table tops to give you more counter space.

Spice Racks. If you’re like most ladies, you have lots of nail polish and hair supplies. Use a spice rack to organize your nail polish and/or your hair care products like hairspray and gel. Spice racks that hang on the wall are ideal to reduce clutter on countertops and in drawers.

Hangers. Sure hanging scarves on hooks or stuffing them in your drawer is simple, but try using the hangers in your closet instead. You’ll be able to display your scarves better so you can pick and choose a lot easier, without having to dig in your drawer or take them all off the hook to get to the scarf you want to wear that’s at the bottom. This will keep your scarves from getting wrinkled too.

Muffin/Cupcake Pans. Plan on throwing a party, BBQ, or having friends over this weekend? A clean and easy alternative use for a muffin pan is to use it as a condiment server. Keep the mustard, ketchup, salsa, etc. all in one pan. Makes for easy clean-up.

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What are some ways you have used a product in your house for something other than its original intended use? Ideas we love we will feature on our Facebook fan page as a future “Two for Tuesday” topic to share with our thousands of fans!

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