Jewelry Storage, Part 2: Never Lose Another Ring Again!
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Last month, I shared my favorite tips and tricks for keeping delicate necklaces and chains protected from knots and tangles.

Now it’s time to talk about rings. Who hasn’t had one disappear for weeks – or months! – only to find it buried at the bottom of a toy box, or hiding in the corner of an infrequently used drawer?

A great solution for ring collectors

When it comes to rings, the biggest dangers (aside from a playful cat!) are the kitchen and bathroom drain. Just ask your plumber how many times he’s been called out to recover a wedding band from a drain trap. I suppose you can save yourself a headache and the plumber’s fee by keeping your rings stashed away while you go about your daily kitchen and bathroom rituals, but I’m rarely awake enough in the mornings to make that happen!

I rely on a ring tree that I keep on my nightstand, since my favorite jewelry box doesn’t have quite enough slots for my special occasion rings AND my daily ones. The risk of that, of course, is that you might find yourself tossing them into the various compartments, which can lead to damaged stones and scratched metals. Another friend has a suction cup dish that attaches to her bathroom mirror surface to hold her rings and necklaces while she’s bathing or doing dishes.

This little life-saver will keep your rings from disappearing down the kitchen sink!

Ultimately, there are lots of options for ring safe-keeping, and you’ll want to consider how you go about your daily routines when picking the one that’s right for you.

This organizer is great for keeping rings sorted by occasion or style, and features a tree holder for your every-day pieces.

Come back next week for a final look at jewelry storage — I’ll take you through choosing the various types of organizers we carry, and how you can choose the best style for your home and for travel!

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  1. Jacquie Ross, CastAway the Clutter! says:

    That suction ring holder is an awesome idea! Never seen that before. Think I’m going to have to share that on Facebook. I wonder if it holds up well on shower/bath surrounds?

    Jacquie Ross
    CastAway the Clutter!

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