Keep the Room Clean with Bathroom Organizers

When you set out to reorganize your bathroom, the first step is throwing out things you don’t use. Medications and vitamins have expiration dates for a reason. Sunscreen expires, too.

If you don’t have a separate linen closet, you can use an over-the-toilet space saver. These three shelves offer plenty of room for folded towels and washcloths, as well as an extra roll of toilet paper and a couple decorative knick-knacks.

Books and magazines on the back of the toilet are a pain, so you can hang up a magazine and book rack. This will free up that toilet space. Hang the rack out of the way so that it’s not taking up extra space that you need for something else.

If you bring home those cute little soaps and mini shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels, use them or throw them out. There’s no reason to have them sitting all over your bathroom sink if no one uses them. It’s not like they’re lovely collectibles. Tossing them gives you more space for the things you need in the room, says She Knows.

Use organizers in your drawers for small things you tend to lose, like cotton swabs, safety pins and hair bands. It will be nice to have them all in one place when you need them.

Shower caddies are so handy, whether they hang from the showerhead or stick to the wall of the shower. You can stow away all your shampoos, conditioners, body wash and razors so that you won’t have to hunt them down before you can shower.


Kids love their bath toys, but they can get in the way if they end up on the floor or stacked in a corner. Buy a simple mesh bag that will allow them to dry when the kids aren’t using them. Cleaning up the toys should be part of each child’s shower or bath, so you won’t have to worry about slipping and falling on wet plastic toys.


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