Keep Your Closet In Order With These Tips
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A closet should be a simple and well organized place to keep your wardrobe. But all too often it turns into a cartoonish parody of itself, with all sorts of random junk spewing out of it at all times.

It can be very, very difficult to keep your closet in order if you aren’t careful. You have to make sure that you don’t overwhelm the limited space in your closet, and that you make smart decisions when it comes to what you put in there.

For example, have you ever gotten to the point in your closet where you simply could not possibly force another pair of pants onto a hanger and then onto your closet rod? Have your clothes gotten packed in there so ridiculously tightly that you could barely fit a sheet of paper in between your favorite dress and your blouse for work?

Well the first thing to consider if this should happen is what you can take out of your closet. Do you really need to hang up all of your old t-shirts, or will they be fine just folded up nicely and placed in your dresser? Are you going to wear those dirty old corduroys ever again or can you ship them off to the nearest thrift store?

And while cutting down on the amount of things in your closet is a good idea, which will also only go so far. After all, the idea here isn’t to get rid of all your things or take them out of the closet. Sure, that’s part of it, but these tips will also point you in the right direction on how to organize your closet while keeping everything in there.

Tip #1 – Label your Shoe Boxes

A safe and easy way to store your shoes properly is to simply keep them in their original boxes and stack them up on the floor or on a shelf in your closet. Keeping your shoes in their boxes makes them easy to stack, but more importantly it keeps your shoes in good shape. The box is great protection against them falling or getting knocked over and damaged.

One of the problems with storing your shoes in their original boxes, however, is that we oftentimes forget what shoes are in them, and they never end up getting worn. We tend to wear the shoes that we can see. This is like when you look in the refrigerator, you are more likely to eat the food in the front than the stuff stuck way in the back.

But, one easy way to remember what shoes are where is to actually take a picture of the shoes with your digital camera, then print out the photo and tape it right to the shoe box. If you really want to make your closet look stylish you can dig out a vintage Polaroid camera, buy some stylish film from the Impossible Project, and give your shoe boxes some incredibly cool labels.

Tip #2 – Organize your shoes toe to heel on the shelf

In a small apartment you know that ever inch matters. So when you are putting your shoes on a shelf when they aren’t in the box, how you organize those shoes is very important.

By placing one shoe with the toe in first, and then its match going in heel first, you can add on average about a half-inch of space with every pair placed like that. Now this might not seem like too big of a difference, but it will actually add up by the time you are done.

This also has an added benefit as well. When you put shoes in toe to heel, you can also identify which pair you area looking at more easily than if you only saw one small part of the shoe.

Tip #3 – Avoid Piling up your Accessories

One thing that often overruns closets is when you pile up all of your accessories in a box, a bin, or simply on the floor. This makes a mess of your closet and can damage your clothes.

Things like scarves or belts are two of the most common items to end up making a mess in your closet. Luckily, they are also two of the items that are most easy to organize.

All you need is to get a little rack for the inside of your closet door. You can use this bar to easily hang up all of your scarves and belts so that they stay within eyesight and you never have to worry about digging through a big pile of junk just to find out where they are.

Keeping your closet organized will make it seem like your wardrobe has grown exponentially. You will be amazed at all the new outfits you can put together when everything is at your fingertips.

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