Keep Your Counters Free From Clutter with These Tips
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Cluttered counters are unattractive, inconvenient and, depending on the composition of the clutter itself, potentially dangerous, especially if your home includes children or pets. There are plenty of tricks and tools available to keep clutter under control so your home can look and feel its best. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, or any other workspace where counter area comes at a premium, clutter is a major issue. Make sure you have enough storage options available in your home so that the items you need are easily accessible to you when you need them. After all, clutter is made up of useful items. It’s only when these items get disorganized and scattered that they get demoted to the caste of clutter. Promote your belongings back up by taking care of them properly. Here are just a few ideas for maintaining an organized counter in your bathroom and kitchen.

Towel Valet Keeps Clean Towels Handy

Unseemly piles of towels in the bathroom are an invitation to mildew. Aside from their obvious unhygienic properties, they’re clammy, underfoot, and unappealing. A pair of nifty Towel Valets in the bathroom give damp towels a home at last! With plenty of room for two full-sized bath towels and one hand towel, Towel Valets’ small size belie their huge storage potential. They’re light and small; more than one fits easily into any small space. A weighted base keeps them secure and grounded even when loaded with heavy, wet towels. Use to keep valuable counter and closet space free.

Bathroom Counter Makeup Organizer

If you find yourself constantly rummaging around messy bathroom drawers to locate valuable cosmetics, that’s a sign that something’s wrong. Keep your entire makeup collection safe, together, and clean by using a convenient bathroom counter makeup organizer. Neatly store all your most vital cosmetics in elegantly designed vertical cylinder containers. Thoughtful design puts each piece right at your fingertips, so you can save time during your morning or evening routine. You’ll be amazed at how smoothly the morning can go when you know all your most essential grooming products are ready and waiting for you to apply them.

Sliding and Expanding Cabinet Drawer

For cluttered kitchens, workspaces, laundry rooms, home offices or any space that suffers from an overabundance of small items, the amazing Sliding and Expanding Cabinet Drawer is a magical solution to cleaning up countertops and overstuffed drawers. More than double your cabinet space in one simple, hassle-free installation. The Sliding and Expanding Cabinet Drawer fits easily into cabinets 19″ deep. Drawer expands 10 to 18″ wide. This valuable home accessory is built from coated wire to prevent scratching and damage to cabinets. Measure 19 1/3 x 10 x 4 1/3.”

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