Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

The countdown is on – Christmas is just days away. If you are still struggling to check all of the items off of your gift list, take a step back and jump onto Pinterest for some quick, easy, and fun DIY gift giving ideas. You are guaranteed to find an infinite amount of little projects that take a very small amount of time out of your day to create. Here is a list of some of my favorite DIY gift ideas that I am using this year and plan to use in the future that I found from Pinterest:

1. A Coffee Mug Sweater for the coffee lovers. Use an old sweater or head to the thrift store to purchase an inexpensive one to use. This is a simple idea that definitely goes unnoticed and you will for sure impress someone with this gift. Also a great stocking stuffer.

homemade spice mixes

2. Everyone loves to eat, and some like to cook. Give those in your life who love cooking homemade spice mixes. The fun part is you will get to decide what kind of mixes they will get…may not be a bad idea to make one up that you’re dying to try! Get some small clear jars from the craft store or reuse old ones from your home to store the spices in and decorate them by creating a nice, fun label for each spice.

3. Save those wine corks. Why? Because you can use them to build what they call a “wine cork tray” to give to those who are big wine drinkers. It’s a classy and easy DIY project that does take time to complete, especially if you are not opening wine bottles too often. So if it’s too late this year, make it a new year’s resolution to save each wine cork every time you open a new bottle by tossing it in a jar or drawer, or a cork cage.

scrabble christmas ornament

4. Create special, personalized Christmas ornaments. This is a great gift that will be used every year and put on display on the Christmas tree. This is a great idea for a baby’s first Christmas, or if you’re newlyweds your first family Christmas ornament to give to your husband or wife, or just because you want to spread some holiday cheer. When making an ornament, keep in mind that it does not have to be a traditional ball shaped one – you can create an ornament out of plenty of things. One idea I absolutely love is using pieces from a Scrabble game to spell out words like the one in the picture to the right.

5. You’re very own wine glass. This is a great idea when you are not so sure what to get your close friends for Christmas. Head to the dollar store and purchase some plain wine glasses to decorate however you’d like, whether you chose to write their name on it or add some glitter for a nice sparkle. Every lady loves a new wine glass to use for the next ladies night or wine and cheese night. Make your own wine glass too while you’re at it!

Its ideas like these that make for a fun holiday gift exchange, mostly because they were personally made by you. It’s also great because you are saving money just by getting a little crafty! What are some DIY gifts you have created and given during the holidays in the past, and plan to give in the future?

Photo Credit: Mamie Jane’s and BlogHer

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