Last Minute Turkey Day Checklist
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So you’ve been fretting all month about this one big dinner of the month, Thanksgiving dinner. There’s no doubt that this dinner takes time to plan but sometimes amidst the chaos,  you need to step back and just go through a checklist to ensure you have everything taken care of. Here’s a quick checklist you can use to ensure your Thanksgiving dinner goes smoothly.

Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Do I know what time people are arriving?
  2. Do I have enough place settings for my guests?
  3. Does my table look just fabulous for dinner?
  4. Do I have all my ingredients for appetizers, dinner, and dessert?
  5. Do I have the turkey? Did I start defrosting my turkey?
  6. Do I have everything for necessary cocktails and beverages?
  7. Am I forgetting anything else?

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And if something does goes wrong, do not panic. The most important thing is that you spend time with friends and family on this lovely holiday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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