Lazy Susan Secrets

Do you have a Lazy Susan? Yeah, I’ve got one, too. Is yours organized? Yeah, same here.

Built-in Lazy Susan’s can be a mixed blessing. They utilize otherwise hard to reach back corners, but they are also a challenge to efficiently fill. While my Lazy Susan won’t be winning any beauty contests (I’m still itching to upgrade my 30 year old kitchen), I do make her work pretty hard.

First, there’s my secret hiding spot for scissors. Using some 3M Command Hooks, my scissors stay put on the inside panels. No more digging through the junk drawer to find them!

lazy susan

Immediately above my well-placed scissors, I have four crucial ingredients: quick cook oats, raisins, vanilla, and cinnamon. By grouping ingredients for my favorite breakfast meal all together, it only takes me about two minutes to mix up a healthy breakfast, Even though these ingredients could be placed within their categories elsewhere (cereal, snacks, spices), they hang out together only steps from the milk that’s in the fridge for no-fuss prep.

lazy susan

My last little secret in the Lazy Susan is the double duty that my ibuprofen bottle serves. Yes, it contains my favorite miracle drug, but it also stores rubber bands, which would otherwise much up the junk drawer. The bottle is the perfect size for the bands to hug, which keeps them neat and tidy.

lazy susan

Does your Lazy Susan have any secrets?

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