Make Laundry Days Easier with a Well-organized Laundry Room

Whether you have a full-sized laundry room or a stackable washer and dryer in a corner, you still need space, and laundry room organization is essential to keep from burying yourself in dirty clothes and clean clothes alike.

Your work space should be as simple as you can make it, with laundry room storage for the essentials. Built-in shelves are easy to use, and if you only have a small space for laundry, a laundry cart is a good way to add work space. Be sure to light your laundry area, so that it’s easier to use.

Laundry room accessories can help to give you places to put away detergent and fabric softener, so that you’re not leaving them out. Cleaning supplies can also be kept inside. A hanging rod or garment rack is a good way to keep your clothes neat as they dry. You may also use baskets for extra storage, to keep things contained and sorted.

A well-planned laundry room includes home organization plans to separate laundry and odds and ends you may only use occasionally. Canvas cubes all in one color will make your laundry room look tidy.

Adding a storage island is a great way to create a place to fold clothes. If you don’t have the room or the budget for an island, you can use a laundry cart. A metro three-tier cart can be used in your laundry room or your bathroom. It has a metal frame, so it’s light in weight as well as being sturdy, Slide out canvas bags and wire shelves for storage also make the cart a valuable organizing tool. You can even wheel one to other rooms in the house when you need to.

Of course, clothes hampers are handy to use, whether you have them in individual rooms or keep them in the laundry room itself. Bamboo wicker baskets and hampers are attractive to look at and very functional, as well. Renewable bamboo is moisture resistant, so it will work years for you.

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